you win some you lose some

“You win some you lose some” is a story telling project, by Veldwerk, film, educatie en beleid in which citizens of Rotterdam search for ‘the how of happiness’. The result? A travelling story machine and webplatform which uncover the hidden stories of (former) drug addicts and the homeless of Rotterdam to the city.

For this project we modified a 1970 electro mechanical slot machine into a story telling machine.
The traditional symbols on the reels (cherry, orange, BAR etc) are replaced with symbols more relating to the project. The entire cabinet is refitted in a new housing, with new artwork.

The behavioral aspects of the slotmachine have been overruled by a program  in a microcontroller.
Visual feedback on the machine is highlighted with 200 channels of LED indicators; the stories are played back from an embedded media player.
The result is a fresh looking machine, still equipped with ‘vintage’ electromechanical parts like the handle, the counter and lots of clicking relays.

After hitting the start button, 4 credits will be given and the user can pull the handle to test his or her luck on winning a story.
Depending on the combination of the icons on the reels, a story will be selected and played back. In case there is no winning combination, you lose and you have to try again.

Graphical design / artwork: Bier en Brood
Project management: Mothership

More information about this project can be found here (dutch only).