workout computer

The workout computer encourages physical exercise within an office environment and is an installation from fashion/design studio Bless (Berlin-Paris).

The installation consists of a wooden table with several punching bags attached to it. Around the table there are several free standing punching/kicking items, normally used in the gym.
The punching bags replace the keys of a keyboard; the visitor has to work out to be able to type a text on the screen.

Once the visitor has finished ‘typing’ his or her manifest, the text can be printed and will be simultaniously uploaded to a twitter account.

It was first seen at the design Biennial Istanbul 2014, and has since then performed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Schrikdraad designed the necessary electronics, mechanics and sensor constructions for this installation. The detailed and very clean woodwork on the table and peripheral objects was done by Franck Poulain.