ruis (noise)

Ruis is the follow up of the project round and round.
For this installation, we converted outdoor advertisement boxes in low resolution screens (12×16 pixels).

The advertisement boxes are located under the overpass A9 at Amstelveen (NL). This spot is also known as the Keizer Karel Gallery.

The boxes display “the game of life” in grayscale. Periodically all 12 screens synchronize and all display a same image.

The LED driver hardware, used in round and round, is re-used for this installation.
We designed a new controller PCB with radio link for all 12 boxes to replace the Linux host computer. Each controller board controls one advertisement box and synchronizes with the others.

The installation was exhibited from december 2011 – july 2012.




hardware development: Schrikdraad
software development: Simbits
screen design and production: Schrikdraad & YBCOZ