labyrinth psychotica

“The LED hallucination poles that are placed within the crevices of THE LABYRINTH simulate what it is like to see something in the air ‘that is there but not there’. Embedded into the structure a line of LED lights are fired at a particular frequency in such a way that your eyes build a HD image in the air. In a sense hacking your brain. A person who moves sees it, a person who stands still does not.”

These custom designed electronics control a single strip of 120 RGB LEDs at high speed to ‘display’ an image. The length of the strip is 60cm.
Up to five images (120 x 192 pixels) can be uploaded and stored in local flash memory of one strip.
The LED strip is connected to a Beagle Board, which is linked to a network. This enables easy upload of images and control from any computer that is connected with this network.
There is a total of 6 LEDstrips with according Beagle Boards on the network for this installation.

A strip of LEDs, is a cascade of 4 PCB’s, where each PCB has a LED controller with 30 RGB channels, driving in total 90 PWM channels with a 97kHz carrier. The speed at which the LEDs can change color is about 3000 times per second. This means a full image can be displayed in about 65ms.
The color resolution is 24bit RGB.

The entire project, by Room for Thoughts, can be found here: Labyrinth Psychotica

This design is a follow up of an earlier release called Virtual Flag