workout computer

The workout computer encourages physical exercise within an office environment and is an installation from fashion/design studio Bless (Berlin-Paris).

The installation consists of a wooden table with several punching bags attached to it. Around the table there are several free standing punching/kicking items, normally used in the gym.
The punching bags replace the keys of a keyboard; the visitor has to work out to be able to type a text on the screen.

Once the visitor has finished ‘typing’ his or her manifest, the text can be printed and will be simultaniously uploaded to a twitter account.

It was first seen at the design Biennial Istanbul 2014, and has since then performed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Schrikdraad designed the necessary electronics, mechanics and sensor constructions for this installation. The detailed and very clean woodwork on the table and peripheral objects was done by Franck Poulain.

you win some you lose some

“You win some you lose some” is a story telling project, by Veldwerk, film, educatie en beleid in which citizens of Rotterdam search for ‘the how of happiness’. The result? A travelling story machine and webplatform which uncover the hidden stories of (former) drug addicts and the homeless of Rotterdam to the city.

For this project we modified a 1970 electro mechanical slot machine into a story telling machine.
The traditional symbols on the reels (cherry, orange, BAR etc) are replaced with symbols more relating to the project. The entire cabinet is refitted in a new housing, with new artwork.

The behavioral aspects of the slotmachine have been overruled by a program  in a microcontroller.
Visual feedback on the machine is highlighted with 200 channels of LED indicators; the stories are played back from an embedded media player.
The result is a fresh looking machine, still equipped with ‘vintage’ electromechanical parts like the handle, the counter and lots of clicking relays.

After hitting the start button, 4 credits will be given and the user can pull the handle to test his or her luck on winning a story.
Depending on the combination of the icons on the reels, a story will be selected and played back. In case there is no winning combination, you lose and you have to try again.

Graphical design / artwork: Bier en Brood
Project management: Mothership

More information about this project can be found here (dutch only).

round and round

Round and Round is a filmic light installation by Giny Vos about the history of the moving image.
It mixes the oldest movie scenes with the first computer images into oversized pixels as a reference to the world of the digital image. 4096 pixels transform the spherical shaped space of the KunstKapel into a zoetrope. The only light available is produced by the installation where the visitors will find themselves in the middle of an exposition of fragments and pieces.

Schrikdraad designed and realized the electronics and LED fixtures for this installation.
This custom hardware system is able to drive 4096 LEDs in realtime at 30 frames per second, with 8bit individual grayscale control.

The size of the screen is 64 meter by 4 meter (resolution 256×16 pixels).
The size of an individual pixel is 25×25cm, illuminated by a single 5mm white LED.

The electronics consist of 64 custom designed PCBs, UTP cable (communication) and ribbon cable connecting the 4096 LEDs.

Image courtesy of Giny Vos.

The installation was exhibited from june 2011 – october 2011.
For more information on this project, click here.

wind VU meter

The electronics in this design harvest the energy from a (small) three phase windmill. This energy is used to supply nine 1W (350mA) LEDs.

A wind speed measurement is performed. A microcontroller compares the speed of the windmill with pre-programmed wind speed thresholds.
Depending on which threshold is met, a certain amount of LED drivers is turned on to power the according LEDs with the energy available.

The result is a visual feedback of wind speed, like a VU meter for volume in an audio amplifier.

In case of too much wind energy (more than 10W), a protection circuit flushes the energy that is not used.